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Laurence Peters

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Laurence was born in London during the 1950s and after a stint teaching came to the US to pursue graduate studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has always loved books. In college he became the president of the University of Sussex Literary society and hosted luminaries like Saul Bellow, Allan Sillitoe, Dannie Abse, John Cleese and Edna O’Brian.   After some college teaching he put himself through law school and became counsel to a US House of Representatives Subcommittee. From teaching to writing plays and short stories, Laurence has long been seeking ways to express his passion for literature.

“I love imagined worlds and the way well chosen words can take us there,” Laurence says. “What we are trying to do in this podcast is get close to the imaginative source of these magical words and worlds by talking to authors about the sources of their local sources of inspiration.”


Erika Jones

Erika is a Los AnErika Jones_Photo.JPGgeles-based freelance news / documentary film producer interested in a wide range of subjects ranging from oral histories of WWII veterans, off-the-grid living, ’80s / ’90s / alternative rock music, to books of the non-fiction genre – oral history, autobiographies, politics, and biographies.

Past film credits include the international documentary feature film trilogy: Toyo’s Camera (2009), 442: Live with Honor, Die with Dignity (2010), and Military Intelligence Service (2012) with United Television Broadcasting Systems, Inc. (18.1), based in Hollywood, Calif. Past contributor to the Orange County Register and the Long Beach Press Telegram.